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About Us

Thriftway Pharmacy IDA was first established in the late 60’s as a basic Drug Store on the Southside of Lethbridge. It slowly moved up North in 1968 and found a new location in 1971. Shortly after these relocations it found itself expanding into a more broad Drug Store, and now finds itself with quite an extensive Photo / Binocular department. However, the focus still remains primarily as a Pharmacy.

Thriftway PharmacyThe pride of the store stands with its focus on being independent and offering the greatest quality of service to its customers. We are also members of the IDA (Independent Drug Association) and won an award for being one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Lethbridge. Often being involved with the community, the store helps our charities with donations and assistance in any way it can provide.

As some key services, we are an official HealthCare Provider and carry several Blister Paks (Pill Paks) for your convenience. We also have a Free Delivery policy and often have Home Health Care visits and personal visits to ensure our customers are getting what they need from us and are doing well.

We now supply Lethbridge with extensive Photography / Binocular products and services.


Customer service and support is fantastic.

- Michelle F

Thriftway is a great store for anything health related. The Pharmacy is fantastic. I highly recommend them for all your camera needs. They can get just about anything. The service is the best in Lethbridge.

- Jacob B

When I moved to Lethbridge 11 years ago, I wanted to find a Pharmacy that had knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff, where I would not be just another number, but rather, a person known to t hem, and they to me.

Thriftway Pharmacy was recommended to me by my sister, who had been a customer there for many years. That choice proved to be an excellent one.

When you walk in the door you are greeted by the friendly ladies at the front. The Pharmacy staff, especially Ron and Sherry, are very knowledgeable. friendly and always helpful. They are always willing to answer my questions and never make me feel that I’m taking up their valuable time. If they cannot give me an immediate answer, they look things up and discuss my questions with me.

I certainly would highly recommend Thriftway Pharmacy to anyone. It’s a great place, with friendly staff and good service!

-Greta Prihodko

- Greta P